Full White Label Solution

Captain Up can integrate seamlessly on your site or app and take on whatever visual style you need wherever you embed it. Your users need never know we were there.

User Profile

Full user profile with all data in one place. Display the user’s picture, score and progress, community relations, and achievements earned.


Incentivize specific user behaviors with custom badges and missions using our sophisticated logic engine. Make one-time or repeatable badges and incentivize any KPI, whether heavily or lightly, for all users or any segment.


Reward your users with collectibles and trophies to glorify and highlight their achievements, cementing user loyalty and augmenting lifetime value.


Develop your own internal economy. Let your users rack up points for each action or mission accomplished. Give them opportunities to redeem points for in-app rewards.


Use levels to positively reinforce loyal users’ activity based on the points they have collected, providing a sense of progress and allowing you to define user tiers with varying benefits.

Win messages

Offer customized, specially-designed win messages. Intensify the experience of victory by rewarding the user’s efforts, encouraging them as they engage with your content.


Show users their progress and reinforce behaviors in real-time with optional in-app notifications. Send custom notifications through Captain Up for any purpose.

In-game inbox

Powerful on-site communication tools, enabling you to broadcast messages to users on your site, individually or in bulk – your users, your message.


Spark friendly competition with customizable real-time leaderboards. Give users recognition and drive them to action.

Activity feed

Showcase your users’ activity in real-time, showing them their friends’ actions and achievements and showing visitors your vibrant community.

User management / CRM

A full suite of community management tools for next-generation customer relations. Get detailed information about users’ activity, individually or by segment. Reward or penalize users as needed.


Interact with your user base according to your existing segmentation within the Captain Up backend as well as based on our segmentation – by level, by badge, or by actions.

Reports and Analytics / Export csv / json

Get access to all the data and insights you need on your users. Learn how they act and what motivates them and adapt as you go. Export your data any time.

A/B testing

We are true believers in testing. That’s why we offer you a wide variety of A/B testing methodologies and tools to test everything you need to launch successfully and manage by data.

Social Network Integration

We support out of the box integration with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks.